Obtaining and Protecting your Brand

 Every company has a marketing plan.  Every company has a product  to sell and every company sells their goods and services using a  particular name.   Surprisingly few companies, however, consider the  consequences of adopting and using the name they have chosen to identify  themselves and their products before adopting the name and embarking on  a marketing campaign.   Companies and individuals could save themselves  the costs of removing their marketing materials from the market place,  redoing their image and marketing strategy and/or payment of damages if  they completed a  trademark search before building their marketing  campaign.

Tradenames / Trademarks/ Service marks:

TRADE NAMES are the names by which corporations are identified.   Examples of well known corporate names are Proctor and Gamble Company,  Microsoft, Inc., and Coca Cola, Inc.  Although these names may also be  used to identify products, they are the terms by which the company is  identified in the work place.

TRADEMARKS are the names and/or symbols  that individuals or  corporations use to distinguish their goods from those of others in the  market place.  SERVICE MARKS are names and/or symbols that individuals  use to distinguish their services from those of other services in the  marketplace.  Famous examples of trademarks are COCA COLA®, PEPSI COLA®,  WINDOWS®.  Examples of famous service marks are BANK ONE®, CITIBANK® or  AMERICAN®.

How we help:

 We obtain a protection for trademarks, copyrights, licensed materials,  trade secrets, and other intellectual property in the United States and  worldwide. We recognizes the need to give comprehensive intellectual  property management and to efficiently create and extract value from a  company’s intellectual assets. We form a strategy using the framework of  the law, your business plan, publicly available competitive  information, and 6s quality skills. We speak the language of business,  use pragmatic approaches, and are experienced in many facets of business  from research and development through senior management. 

In particular, we:

  • assist and guide you in selecting and registering your trademarks, domain names and copy rights throughout the world;
  • draft and negotiate non-disclosure agreements (NDA's), software and technology licensing agreements;
  • advise and structure protection for trade and industrial secrets;
  • advise on the valuation, acquisition and /or sale of intellectual property rights; and
  • enforce trademark and other intellectual property before the Patent and Trademark Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and federal and state courts. 

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