Obtaining, Using, And Protecting Trademarks

 Essential IP skills for the business lawyer

The cornerstone of corporate identity, trademarks are essential assets that must be protected and managed. Obtaining, Using and Protecting Trademarks offers you a step-by-step guide to developing your company’s trademark management system. Use it to gain a solid knowledge of the various types of marks and their relative registerability; how to perform a trademark search and clearance; how to apply for and register a trademark; how to properly use and maintain marks and essential guidance for enforcing them in commerce.

If you represent a business or person who manufactures, licenses, and/or sells goods or services in the marketplace, you need to be well-acquainted with the rudimentary issues regarding trademarks. You need to advices your clients on how to protection for these valid business assets.

Obtaining, Using and Protecting Trademarks is designed to provide you with a practical overview of the basic issues regarding trademarks and a hand guide, if you’re not an intellectual property specialist but need quick reference, for counseling your business or individual client.

Sample forms round out this essential QuickCheck—use them and adapt them as you develop and maintain your own trademark management system.