About our law firm

International Representation:

We obtain a full range of protection for patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensed materials, trade secrets, and other intellectual property in the United States and worldwide. We recognizes the need to give comprehensive intellectual property management and to efficiently create and extract value from a company’s intellectual assets. We form a strategy using the framework of the law, your business plan, publicly available competitive information, and 6s quality skills. We speak the language of business, use pragmatic approaches, and are experienced in many facets of business from research and development through senior management.

Intellectual Property Law:

  • enforcement and procurement of intellectual property rights throughout the world
  • technology law
  • software and technology licensing agreements;
  • protection of patents, trade marks, domain names, trade secrets, copyrights and industrial secrets;
  • valuation, acquisition and sale of intellectual property rights; and
  • litigation and appeals of intellectual property in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret law

Corporate Law:

  • negotiation and drafting of all types of corporate agreements;
  • formation and maintenance of corporations;
  • completion of risk management and coordination of insurance coverages with insurance agencies;
  • completion of risk management and coordination of insurance coverage with insurance agencies
  • corporate transactions including acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, national and international joint ventures, public and private offerings
  • corporate strategic planning
  • corporate compliance

Other Legal Services:

  • Advising and negotiating corporate and intellectual property agreements
  • intellectual property audits, due diligence and in drafting and negotiating loan documents and security interest agreements
  • employment issues and assisting with personnel planning, selection and termination
  • obtaining corporate visas and immigration matters
  • litigation of business matters.